Wednesday, January 9, 2013

level L {love}

I could hear the beaming in Henry's voice all the way from the front seat, even though Wyatt was screaming about not finding his leftover snack in his backpack... "Guess what, Mom?" Henry pushed through the noise with his own excitement, "Mrs. Berger tested me again today and I went from a level E to a level L!"

What (I believe) it all means is that Henry went from reading at a first grade level to reading at a second grade/third grade level.  It's common for children in Chinese Immersion to be behind in English reading, but Henry was farther behind than the average third grade student, and this is the first school year that we know that Henry has dyslexia (and dysgraphia).

The teacher emailed me telling me that she just kept on handing him book and after book, each book moving up a level, and each time at her asking, Henry would answer that "yes, this was too easy for him now."

The dinner conversation circled around Henry's accomplishments and at one point, my husband said "You worked so hard, you both did, you and Mom did... good job!"

I'm stuck on that sentence because it wasn't me, it was all Henry. 

So full of hard-work and determination and this sense of wanting to make everyone around him happy.

You make me so, so happy and proud.


amanda said...

uhm first of all your husband is right (and smart for saying so)...but it was both of you. henry felt that from you mama!! i second daddy - good job mom!

(and henry too!)

*just type*


4luvandlife said...

I am also obnoxiously proud. Love that kid.

4luvandlife said...

I am also obnoxiously proud. Love that kid.

Mommy Lisa said...

Agree with Amanda.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Way to go Henry and mama! You totally get some credit for it, too!

So stinking awesome. You all should be proud.

Galit Breen said...

So, so happy for and proud of your sweet boy!

Take some credit, mama! Those hours reading and talk-time help do something - they really do!

Unknown said...


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